White Glove 360™ Services & Partnership with Lone Star Capital Properties

A very special thanks to Michael for helping to facilitate our first wholesale deal for us!  This would not have happened without these wonderful people.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Robert Rendon

Briar Court Homes White Glove 360™ Investor Services solutions include a PERFECT Combo of our unmatched industry expertise and partnership with Lone Star Capital Properties offering you a simple, multi-step turn-key system to a successful future.

Our Partnership Includes:

Step 2  Lead Engagement / Deal Analysis:  What good are the leads if you can’t close them?  Let Briar Court Homes use their unmatched industry expertise and Certified ARV appraiser to help you engage the lead…correctly….and analyze the deal to maximize profit/exit strategy!

Step 3  Conversion and Monetization:    With the deal properly analyzed and report built with the seller, we’ll help you get it under contract – properly and legally – and execute the best exit strategy from fix and flip to wholesaling to the 15,000 people on our buyers list.

Step 4 – Deal Funding:  If we can’t fund the deal, we’ve partnered with Paul at Blink Lending.  They are honest, knowledgeable and reliable.  

Step 5 – Title Office and Legal Support:  We partner with Attorney Alan Ceshker and his title office at Capital Title.

Step 6 – Insure The Property:  For all our deal insurance needs, we’ve partnered with Mike Monzingo at Texas Independent Insurance.

Instantly add a turn-key power team to your  business!

Briar Court’s White Glove Investor Services™ can put our decades of real estate experience to work for you.  Our team of industry veterans (including our licensed ARV appraiser) can help newer investors become more successful faster, and help even the most experienced investors become more scalable leading to increased profits.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you maximize your working with Lone Star Capital Properties!

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