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A very special thanks to Michael for helping to facilitate our first wholesale deal for us!  This would not have happened without these wonderful people.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

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Listen to what services partner Paul Laments has to say about working with Briar Court Homes and why you should also:

Briar Court Homes White Glove 360™ solution includes a PERFECT Combo of our industry expertise and hand-selected fellow Big-Dog key partners offering you a simple, turn-key, scalable process to a successful future.


Our Turn-Key Power Team Process Includes:

Foundation – Asset and Business Protection & Structure.  We’ve partnered with industry leader and specialists Anderson Advisors for all your business structure, asset protection and tax needs to get you a FREE strategy meeting with them!  What good is making money if it’s not protected?  Click here to sign up for your free meeting.  

Step 1  Generate leads with Lone Star Capital Properties

Step 2  Lead Engagement / Deal Analysis:  What good are the leads if you can’t close them?  Let Briar Court Homes use their unmatched industry expertise and Certified ARV appraiser to help you engage the lead…correctly….and analyze the deal to maximize profit/exit strategy!

Step 3   Lead Analysis, Conversion and Monetization.   This is where our decades of combined experience and experienced team benefits you.   Once we properly analyzed and rapport built with the seller, we’ll help get it under contract – properly and legally – and execute the best exit strategy from fix and flip to wholesaling to the 15,000 people on our buyers list (scroll down for more info).

Step 4 – Deal Funding.  We’ve partnered with Paul at Blink Lending.  They are honest, knowledgeable and reliable.  Let them fund your deals, today!

Step 5 – Title Office and Legal Support.  We partner with Attorney Alan Ceshker and his title office at Capital Title.

Step 6 – Insure Your Property.  For all your insurance needs, rely on the best as we do – Mike Monzingo at Texas Independent Insurance.

Instantly add a turn-key power team to your  business!

Briar Court’s White Glove Investor Services™ can put our decades of real estate experience to work for you.  Our team of industry veterans (including our licensed ARV appraiser) can help newer investors become more successful faster, and help even the most experienced investors become more scalable leading to increased profits.

Our White Glove Investor Services™

Lead-to-Contract™:  Have a lead from your marketing but you don’t have the time or experience to handle the incoming leads?  We can take those calls and incoming leads for you and work each one to its maximum potential.  This would include the following steps and more.

  • We’ll guide you how to capture the needed info from the lead to hand off to us.
  • We’ll  handle steps from turning the lead into a  contract to closing, including working with you to select the best exit strategy for your needs. This includes our Appraisal Team analyzing the deal with their industry experience and allows you to choose your level of involvement.  That can be anything from pacing us step by step to learn tor saving your time for more productive tasks.  We manage the process and you wait to receive the profit!
  • Fully customizable to fit your specific needs and level of service.

White Glove Wholesaling Service™:  Wholesaling can be a complex and time consuming endeavor under the best of circumstance, and a nightmare in the worst.  Leverage our 12,000 plus buyers on our nationwide buyers list!  Our White Glove Wholesaling Services include:

  • Our licensed ARV appraiser led team will analyze the deal to maximize value and profit while still leaving margin for the buyer.  Stop leaving money on the table!
  • Building and deploying professional marketing graphics and information for your deal.
  • Handling of all marketing, promotions and interaction with our over 12,000 buyers.  Marketing pushed out through our many other marketing channels simultaneously.
  • Managing the end buyer, title company, document execution, collecting the deposit and coordination of closing.
  • You collect the check while focusing your time on getting new leads to profit with!

White Glove Door-Knock-to-Contract™: Knocking on doors and don’t know how to close the deal while talking with them?  Need help to make sure you close the deal and monetize the opportunity when you talk with the seller?  Worried about using the correct legal and binding documents to paper up your deal?

We can help!

Call us while you are at the door talking with the seller and we can manage the conversation with the seller over speaker phone while you are there.  Does this work?  YOU BET IT DOES!  We have done countless deals this way!

White Glove Deal Marketing Service™: Put the Marketing power of our marketing machine and our ever growing 12,000 plus buyers to work for you and your deal!

Our non-stop marketing in various channels constantly drives people to the ‘Deals’ page on our website.  Have a deal but don’t want to use our White Glove Wholesaling Service™?  Then place your deal on our highly-visited ‘Deals’ page for all to see!  Contact us for easy flat-rate pricing.

White Glove Fix n’ Flip Service™:  Between our recently completed $700,000 fix and flip, and the countless other fix n’ flips we’ve done in lower price points  – we have the experience to make yours successful.

We can either start with you prior to contract to make sure you get the deal at the right price, or you can engage us immediately after you get it under contract.  Either way we’ll conduct our analysis using our licensed ARV appraiser led team to ensure we’re starting on the right foot.

From there we’ll work with you on securing funding, to “paper up” the deal, to help find contractors, to manage the rehab itself, as well as the retail sale.

White Glove Short Sale PLUS™: Have a deal where the numbers are upside down? Let our licensed short sale specialist partner handle the very specific, complicated and daunting short sale task for executing a short sale for you! What’s the
Plus’ part? It allows creatives ways to turn a ‘dead’ lead into a money-making lead beyond a typical short sale. Inquire for more details.

FREE! Contract Exit Strategy: Thinking of working with us?  Let us analyze your deal using our Appraisal Team to find the best exit strategy for that particular deal and how best to maximize profit by working together!

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